An Interesting Offer for Those Who Are Interested in Treatment in Truskavets Without a Voucher

Truskavets has been known for its healing waters in Ukraine and abroad for many years. The resort town is located at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains, which has a positive effect on the treatment process and on a general well-being. As soon as you come to the city, coming out of a car or train, you immediately feel how fresh and cleaner the air is here than in the crowded metropolitan areas.

Treatment in Truskavets is not only boring and often unpleasant procedures. It is also an interesting pastime. Many people choose exactly Truskavets as a place where you can simultaneously relax and improve your health.

Rest and treatment are combined and complement each other in Truskavets.

If you are interested in what diseases are treated in Truskavets, their list is quite large.

  1. The most popular direction which Truskavets gained fame for is the treatment of kidney and urinary tract diseases. You will find many laboratories, mineral water pump rooms, mineral baths, and rooms for physiotherapy in Truskavets. In the resort city Truskavets, treatment is carried out exclusively by professional medical staff.
  2. The second, no less popular direction is the treatment of the digestive organs diseases by the healing properties of "Naftusya" and other mineral waters of Truskavets.
  3. Metabolic disease. Nowadays, many people pay little attention to the diet, which leads to metabolic disorders. Treatment in Truskavets is what you need if you are obese or have diabetes.
  4. Urological diseases in women and men. Gynecological diseases. Chronic cystitis, prostatitis, vesiculitis, infertility - the list of diseases is quite extensive.
  5. Truskavets also specializes in the treatment of the cardiovascular and nervous systems.
    It is also worth adding the diseases of the respiratory system and ENT organs treatment.

And this is not a complete list of diseases that you can get rid of by visiting Truskavets. It used to be that a voucher is required for treatment. Today we offer treatment in Truskavets without a voucher. Since the city has many hotels that offer to rent a room cheap. One of these is the mini-hotel "Lion Yard". Comfortable rooms, laconic but comfortable furnishings, modern equipment - all this contributes to your rest and treatment. It is convenient that the hotel is located not far from the pump-room and the most important establishments where medical procedures are carried out.

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