Carboxytherapy in Truskavets


The list of medical procedures that will be offered to you in the numerous health centers of Truskavets is very wide. And these are not only procedures based on the healing properties of mineral waters.

Of course, mineral water is the main and unique advantage of the resort. But, in addition to this, you can undergo other, most advanced procedures.

Carboxytherapy is one of them. This procedure is more familiar to women, as it is used in the field of aesthetic medicine. But few people know that the method of carboxytherapy is used for the treatment and prevention of numerous diseases.

Briefly About the Procedure

It is known in medicine for over 70 years. But it became so popular only about 15 years ago when it began to be applied in cosmetology. Carboxytherapy was developed in France. Today, it is used in all the most famous resorts in the world. In short, the procedure is the subcutaneous injection of carbon dioxide. It is also called "gas" injections. In aesthetic medicine, this procedure is carried out even without internal intervention. Carboxytherapy stimulates circulation of blood and expansion of blood vessels, tissues are saturated with oxygen due to it. It helps to reduce pain.

In Truskavets, the carboxytherapy procedure is used to treat the following ailments:

  • diseases of the spine (osteochondrosis) and joints (polyarthritis, arthrosis, diseases of the joints of the legs);
  • frequent headaches, migraines, vascular dystonia;
  • venous and lymphatic edema;
  • nervous system disorders: sleep problems, insomnia, constant fatigue, stress;
  • obesity.

Carboxytherapy in Aesthetic Medicine

The procedure is considered one of the best breakthroughs of the century after Botox in the cosmetology industry. There are several methods of the procedure. The cosmetologist determines how exactly the carboxytherapy will be treated. It mainly depends on the type and condition of your skin. The procedure is not complicated, does not require recovery and takes about 15 minutes. It is necessary to complete a course of several procedures to obtain the maximum effect. The main results after the course of procedures:

  • strengthened and lightened skin around the eyes;
  • tight face contour;
  • collagen stimulation;
  • fat splitting.

It is used not only on the face but also on other parts of the body to eliminate cellulite and stretch marks. Carboxytherapy gets very good reviews.

In Truskavets, carboxytherapy is performed in several medical institutions and private clinics. The price of carboxytherapy depends on the place. If you are looking for a place to inexpensively but effectively take a course of procedures, pay attention to the sanatorium "Karpaty". It is located not far from the "Lion Yard" hotel.

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