Accommodation in Truskavets: Types, Prices, Main Differences

Житло Трускавець

The resort city Truskavets is famous not only for its healing mineral waters but also for its beautiful scenery, fresh mountain air and a wide variety of entertainment. For this reason, people go to Truskavets not only to improve their health but also to have a great time.

To have a really unforgettable time at the resort, you should first think about housing in Truskavets. The times when it was possible to stay in the city only in overcrowded sanatoriums are long gone. Today, numerous hotels, villas, and mini-hotels open their doors to you. You can also rent a private house in Truskavets. Offers from different price categories will allow people with different financial opportunities to rest in Truskavets.

Sanatoriums and Large Guesthouses.

Places of this type are more intended for those who came to Truskavets for treatment. Most of the sanatoriums have their own medical base, a qualified medical staff works here, there are rooms for carrying out different types of procedures.

Private Sector.

If you are more interested in housing in Truskavets in private houses or apartments, then there are also many such options. Upon arrival in the city, you can be offered interesting options even at the railway station. The apartments are mainly equipped with everything necessary for comfortable living. The price of housing depends on the location, distance from the center and the pump room, as well as the state of the apartment itself. This type of accommodation is suitable for those who want to rent a cheap house in Truskavets.

Mini-hotels and Villas.

One of the most convenient and comfortable types of accommodation in Truskavets are villas and small hotels consisting of several rooms. Basically, breakfast is included in the price. Such housing in Truskavets is ideal for those who do not want to live in crowded and noisy sanatoriums but want to get excellent service. As for treatment, there are many private rooms, doctors, medical centers in Truskavets, which you can visit without having a doctor’s referral.

If you are looking for accommodation in Truskavets without intermediaries, be sure to book a room in the mini-hotel "Lion Yard" by filling out the form on the website. We offer comfortable accommodation for an adequate price. Our hotel is categorized as a family hotel. Here you can stay with your family and feel at home.

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