What Do You Need to Know About the Rest in Truskavets in 2022?

відпочинок в Трускавці

If you are planning your vacation in Truskavets 2022, you will definitely want to find out how to spend your time free from attending procedures pleasantly and usefully. First of all, you should take care of a place to stay. For those who do not want to live in crowded hotels, we advise considering the option of accommodation in the mini-hotel "Lion Yard". It is located in the very center of the city, not far from the lower pump room. This option will especially appeal to those who are looking for a private vacation in Truskavets because you do not need a voucher to stay. You can easily book a room online.

So, the issue of residence is resolved. Now you need to plan how to spend your leisure time. Many of you are sure that the prices in Truskavets are very high. In fact, you can have fun at the resort. And it will be quite inexpensive. In Truskavets, rest and treatment are combined in such a way that the time spent here will be remembered for a long time.

Summer and Spring Vacation in Truskavets.

In Truskavets, there is something to do during the whole day in the warm season. You can walk to the market in the morning to buy juicy and healthy fruits and berries. After all, in the summer, our body stores vitamins for the whole year ahead. Joggers will appreciate the large park with a variety of routes. It is not only useful to run here, but also interesting. There are also tracks for terrain cure. In the afternoon, between visiting the procedures, you can go to the lake. You can reach the lake from the "Lion Yard" hotel on foot or using a taxi or public transport.

You can do sports in warm weather. There are a lot of sports facilities in the city for practicing all kinds of sports. In the evening, we advise you to walk around the city, go to a cozy cafe or restaurant. The restaurant "Lion Yard" has a cozy outdoor terrace. Here you can order your favorite dishes and enjoy a wonderful evening in the fresh air.

Rest in Truskavets in Winter and Autumn.

In winter, you can visit the Christmas markets at the resort or go to the cinema in the evening. A visit to the sauna and a variety of spa treatments is especially nice during the cold season. If you are lucky to catch the warm autumn weather, be sure to visit one of the many excursions.

The cost of rest in winter and autumn in Truskavets depends largely on the period of stay. For example, the price of all services in the city increases during the New Year and Christmas holidays. This is because many people come on holiday for the New Year in Truskavets. Prices become more affordable in February.

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