LPG, Vacuum Roller Massage in Truskavets

вакуумний масаж

Tourists and vacationers from all over Ukraine come to Truskavets not only for the purpose of treatment but simply to take a break from the hustle of the big city, enjoy the fresh mountain air and return home beautiful and relaxed.

That is why, in addition to numerous medical procedures, you will be offered various services in the field of aesthetic medicine in Truskavets.

One of the most popular procedures in recent years is the machine vacuum massage, which is also called LPG massage. In fact, the opinion that this is the same procedure, but in different words, is wrong. There are two different concepts in aesthetic medicine:

  • vacuum roller massage;
  • LPG massage.

They have a similar impact mechanism on the body, but they are performed on different devices. The essence of the procedures in the effects of massage rollers and vacuum. During the vacuum massage procedure, a special vacuum cup is used, which “sucks” part of the skin and affects the desired areas with the help of pulsation. The LPG massage is performed using a completely different device. A special costume is necessary for carrying out the procedure in order to avoid skin damage and bruising. The LPG unit is equipped with special nozzles that lift skin folds in precisely those areas where there is cellulite. Fat under the skin is stretched by rollers.

Despite significant differences in the method of carrying out, the vacuum-roller method, like the LPG massage, receives extremely positive reviews. The results of the procedures are similar and visible after several sessions. But, nevertheless, to obtain the most noticeable results, the course of procedures should be carried out. One session lasts about 40-50 minutes, you need to undergo from 7 to 12 massages depending on the condition of the skin. The procedure should be carried out regularly, the interval between each one is not more than three days. Therefore, you can easily take a course of the LPG massage during the time spent in Truskavets.

Results after the massage:

  • improved metabolism;
  • smooth, elastic skin;
  • improved lymph circulation;
  • toxic excretion;
  • cellulite reduction;
  • helps to reduce excess fat in adipose tissue.

LPG Massage in Truskavets

If you are interested in the procedure, you can take a course of massages at the medical center of the sanatorium "Karpaty". The most modern equipment and qualified medical staff are at your service. The system of discounts is available for residents of the hotel "Lion Yard", thanks to which the price of the LPG massage will be affordable for everyone.

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