Chronic Cystitis: Treatment in Truskavets

Хронічний цистит лікування

Patients are known to treat certain types of diseases in Truskavets. One of the most common is chronic cystitis.

The disease is infectious and inflammatory. It leads to structural and functional changes in the walls of the bladder. It can proceed in two ways:

  • alternation of exacerbations and remissions, that is, latently;
  • with constant symptoms.

The Reasons

This disease develops against the background of existing diseases in the urogenital system, as well as with comorbidities that contribute to infection of the bladder. As a result, the inflammatory process occurs in it. There are also a number of favorable conditions under which the disease develops. This is a violation of urine outflow, incomplete emptying of the bladder, such diseases as prostatitis, pyelonephritis, urethritis, tuberculosis, etc.

Chronic Cystitis: Symptoms and Treatment

It is believed that the disease is more common among women. But it is often found in men and, unfortunately, even in children. The main symptoms are:

  • frequent urination;
  • acute pain while urinating;
  • lower abdominal pain.

There are also cases when chronic cystitis occurs without severe symptoms. Inflammatory changes can only be detected by endoscopy.

When diagnosing chronic cystitis, treatment can be very different and depend on the complexity of the disease. The most popular methods are the antibacterial treatment of chronic cystitis in women, men and children, SWT, iontophoresis, mud applications, as well as prevention of exacerbations, local therapy, and sometimes surgery. The main goal in the treatment of the chronic form of the disease is the elimination of the cause of chronic inflammation.

The doctor often prescribes his patients a visit to Truskavets. When planning a trip to Truskavets, you do not need to buy a voucher to a sanatorium that specializes in the cystitis treatment. There are many medical institutions in the resort, where you will be provided with qualified medical care. You can visit them even while staying in the mini-hotel "Lion Yard". The cost of treating chronic cystitis depends largely on the level of the institution. Be sure to read patient reviews. They will give reliable information and help you find a qualified doctor.

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