Therapeutic Massage Is One of the Methods of Recovery in Truskavets

Лікувальний масаж

he resort of Truskavets is famous throughout Ukraine and abroad not only for its mineral waters. A variety of procedures that are aimed at improving your health and well-being are carried out in hospitals and other medical centers of the city. One of the most popular procedures is a therapeutic massage. It is prescribed by the attending physician to patients with different types of ailments.

Methods of therapeutic massage are widespread in Truskavets. They are aimed at improving the functioning of all organs and tissues of the human body. Today, massage has become especially popular because most people lead a sedentary and inactive lifestyle. Patient reviews point to the recovery of muscle strength and activity, improvement of metabolism, lymphatic drainage, stimulation of blood circulation after therapeutic massage. These results can be after two or three massage sessions. But it is important to know that therapeutic and health massage should be carried out only by the course.

Therapeutic massage can be of different types. The most popular ones are the following:

  • Therapeutic back massage is used to improve the functioning of the musculoskeletal system. After completing the course of massages, patients record not only improvements in their state of health, but also the complete absence of pain, which previously did not allow for easy movement. Most often, this type of massage should be carried out in conjunction with special exercises, physiotherapy.
  • Therapeutic neck massage is prescribed to patients suffering from osteochondrosis. The main goal of the massage is to relieve pain. The masseur uses different techniques, depending on the specifics of the patient’s illness.
  • Therapeutic body massage is most often used as a disease prevention. It aims to improve blood circulation, increase muscle tone, relieve stress.

Where to Make Therapeutic Massage in Truskavets?

In Truskavets you can take a course of massages in two ways. If you prefer to receive all the procedures on the spot, we recommend considering the option of accommodation in the sanatorium "Carpathians". One of the best in the city, the Saenko Clinic operates on the basis of the sanatorium. Patients with vertebral disorders are most often treated here. The basis of the treatment is manual therapy and therapeutic and preventive massage.

But it is possible to receive a course of massages in the clinic or in any other medical institution of the city living in a private hotel. One of the most comfortable hotels is the "Lion Yard".It is located in the city center, close to the main medical institutions of the resort. A pleasant homely atmosphere will contribute to your recovery.

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